Speed Limit Change

Speed limit change. The speed limit on Middletown-Oxford Road just west of State Route 122 heading towards Jacksonburg has been reduced to 45 miles per hour. The new signs have been placed and warning stops have begun. The reduced speed in this area is for the safety of the residents and our children as they board the school buses morning and night. Please be aware of the change and help us keep all our residents safe.

Wayne Township Maintained Cemeteries

Wayne Township has five cemeteries that they maintain: 

  • Simonson Chapel Cemetery (active)
  • Shiloh Baptist Cemetery (closed for burial)
  • Cotton Run Cemetery (closed for burial)
  • Old Jacksonburg Cemetery (closed for burial)
  • Hutchin-Brelsford Cemetery (closed for burial)

Cemetery Pricing & Regulations

Road Maintenance

Not all roads located in the Township are under the jurisdiction of the Township. The following lists of roads are the ones we are required to maintain. This includes snow removal mowing and paving.

  • Cotton Run
  • Howe
  • Gingrich
  • Mill
  • Oxford Middletown
  • Old Shurz Rd.
  • Paulin
  • Shurz to the county line
  • Stubbs
  • Thomas
  • Tolbert
  • Wayne Madison from 4857 north to the dead end
  • Wayne Milford from SR 127/73 to just north of 5364
  • Withrow
  • Van Trump from SR 503 west to Roberts Rd.
  • Subdivisions: Arrowhead Estates, Heavenly Acres, Windy Meadows

2016 Road Paving and Culvert Replacement

In an attempt to keep the residents informed of planned road work this spring and summer so to keep their inconvenience to a minimum we have listed work that will going on. We don’t know the exact dates but that will be posted as soon as they are available and the list will be updated.


  1. Tolbert Rd. from Cotton Run Rd. to SR 503
  2. Old Waynes Trace Rd.
  3. Oxford Middletown Rd. from Wayne Milford Rd. to Waynes Trace Rd.

Culvert Repair

  1. Tolbert Rd. west of Cotton Run Rd.
  2. Howe Rd at 4883
  3. Oxford Middletown at 4060
  4. Paulin Dr. 6317