Wayne Township Butler County Ohio
Trustee Meetings
  3rd Monday of the month
7 p.m./Township Hall

Trustees with the Fire & Life Squad Meetings
  1st Monday of the month 
8 p.m./ Station meeting room

Fire Department Meetings
  1st Monday of the month 
8 p.m./Firehouse conference room

Road Crew Meetings
  1st Monday of the month 
8:45 a.m./Maintenance building

Zoning Appeal Meetings
  3rd Tuesday of the month
7:00 p.m./Township Hall
Only if there is business to conduct. 
Hearings are scheduled for this time. 
Applications must be submitted three weeks prior to the hearing date. All are invited to attend.

Zoning Commission Meetings
  2nd Thursday of the month
7:00 p.m./Township Hall 
Only if there is any business to conduct. 
All are invited to attend.

Special Meetings 
  That may be required will be posted on the website, on all the township buildings and at the Seven Mile post office.

Meeting Minutes
2018 Meetings
January 2, 2018 Organizational Minutes
January 4, 2018 Road Department Minutes
February 20, 2018 Minutes
March 7, 2018 Special Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2018 Minutes
April 2, 2018 Special Meeting Minutes
April 16, 2018 Minutes
May 21, 2018 Minutes
July 16, 2018 Minutes
July 23, 2018 Special Meeting Minutes

Archived Minutes
  Minutes from 2017
  Minutes from 2016
  Minutes from 2015
  Minutes from 2014
    Minutes from 2013
    Minutes from 2012


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