Wayne Township Butler County Ohio
Building Use Policy

General: The Wayne Township Board of Trustees own and maintain 4 stand alone buildings (structures). They are the Township Hall, Fire House, Maintenance Garage and Storage Barn. As charged by ORC and being good stewards of the taxpayers property, they must adopt policies and procedures for the use of each structure. Each building is unique in its intended purpose and as thus have different policies specific to them.

  1. Wayne Township will not rent any facility to a person, persons or groups for any reason.
  2. None of the facilities are available to anyone for personal use, either private or for profit.
  3. Any facility that is approved for use by a group or groups must be left in the condition it was before the use, or further use by that group will be denied.
  4. Any group or groups meeting the criteria to qualify for using a facility must complete an application with the employee in charge of said facility to avoid scheduling conflicts and  the application must be approved by the Board of Trustees at the regularly scheduled monthly meeting proceeding the date of requested use.

Maintenance Facility: May not be used by any outside organization

Fire House: It may be used by a community non profit civic group or groups t; examples are the fireman’s association fish fry, Jacksonburg Methodist Church, 4-H Liter Outing, and The Board of Trustees to conduct Township business.

Township Hall: May be used by non profit, civic community groups.; examples 4-H clubs, Village of Jacksonburg for council meetings, and the Board of Trustee to conduct township business. Occupancy limits must be observed.

Appeal: Should an occasion arise that  could be an exception to these policies and procedures a request for a variance must be filed with the Township Administrator and reviewed by the Board of Trustees at the regularly scheduled monthly meeting preceding the requested date of use. Each case will be dealt with individually and on judged it’s own merits.

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